All versions of Larceny are made available under Larceny's main copyright and permission notice, which is reproduced below.

In addition, Larceny/IA32 (for Intel processors) is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) because the Sassy assembler is licensed under the LGPL.

Larceny/SPARC, Petit Larceny, and Common Larceny are not encumbered by the LGPL.

Main Copyright and Permission Notice

Copyright 1991, 1994, 1998 William D Clinger
Copyright 1998             Lars T Hansen
Copyright 1984 - 1993      Lightship Software, Incorporated

Permission to copy this software, in whole or in part, to use this
software for any lawful purpose, and to redistribute this software
is granted subject to the following restriction:  Any publication
or redistribution of this software, whether on its own or
incorporated into other software, must bear the above copyright
notices and the following legend:

    The Twobit compiler and the Larceny runtime system were
    developed by William Clinger and Lars Hansen with the
    assistance of Lightship Software and the College of Computer
    Science of Northeastern University.  This acknowledges that
    Clinger et al remain the sole copyright holders to Twobit
    and Larceny and that no rights pursuant to that status are
    waived or conveyed.

Twobit and Larceny are provided as is.  The user specifically
acknowledges that Northeastern University, William Clinger, Lars
Hansen, and Lightship Software have not made any representations
or warranty with regard to performance of Twobit and Larceny,
their merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.  Users
further acknowledge that they have had the opportunity to inspect
Twobit and Larceny and will hold harmless Northeastern University,
William Clinger, Lars Hansen, and Lightship Software from any cost,
liability, or expense arising from, or in any way related to the
use of this software.

Other Copyrights and Permissions

Larceny incorporates other copyrighted software, which is used with the kind permission of the copyright holders. All public distributions of Larceny include a COPYRIGHT file that contains the copyright and permission notices that pertain to software that is part of Larceny or may be distributed together with Larceny.