Download Petit Larceny

Larceny v1.3, "Grain Alcohol and Rainwater", 6 August 2017

Release notes

Before you can use R7RS/R6RS modes in Petit Larceny, you will need to compile Larceny's R7RS/R6RS runtime and standard libraries by following the instructions for step 4 of the process described in HOWTO-BUILD.

System Requirements

Petit Larceny is now prebuilt for Linux (IA32 only). Petit Larceny can also be built from source code for several other Unix platforms.

Petit Larceny compiles to C, but compiling directly to native machine code is faster and usually generates better machine code. For Intel IA32 machines (including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) we therefore recommend Larceny/IA32 be used instead of Petit Larceny.