Common Larceny

Larceny v0.97, "Funny in the Head", 19 August 2009

Release notes

Common Larceny now supports the ERR5RS and R6RS standards. For more information, please see the Common Larceny User's Manual.

Common Larceny is Larceny for Microsoft .NET. It runs on Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR). Its compiler generates Common Intermediate Language (CIL), which Microsoft's JIT-compiler translates to native machine code. Common Larceny interoperates with other CLR languages via the JavaDot notation of JScheme, which is implemented using reflection, generating the Scheme interfaces just in time and caching them for performance.

Common Larceny is regarded as an alpha release. It comes with instructions, which should be enough to get you up and running. If you are revisiting this page, you may wish to view the change log.

System Requirements

Common Larceny requires the Common Language Infrastructure. It is known to work with the Microsoft .NET Framework implementation of the CLI.

The current v0.97 release can also be used with Mono, but the JavaDot notation may not work with Mono and there may be other problems as well. We have not yet tested v0.97 with DotGNU Portable.NET or Microsoft Shared Source CLI (Rotor); As of November 2007, Common Larceny v0.95 did not work with those systems.


Choose one of these distribution bundles:

These bundles are for Common Larceny version 0.97.

The Zip bundle should contain exactly the same contents as the gzipped TAR file, so you only need one.

The Common Larceny executable is a Microsoft Windows console program. When it is started, it will print a number of diagnostic lines and then enter a read-eval-print loop.

If you want to build Common Larceny yourself, get one of these:

Please Report Bugs

Alpha software is experimental. Feedback is invaluable. Please email the Larceny team at with comments, questions, suggestions, contributions, etc.


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