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Larceny v1.3, "Grain Alcohol and Rainwater", 6 August 2017

Release notes

System Requirements

Larceny/IA32 runs on Intel IA32 and compatible (x86, x64) architectures. Larceny/ARM runs on ARMv7 and compatible (ARMv8) architectures. Larceny/IA32 is prebuilt for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows; Larceny/ARM is prebuilt for Linux ARM. Both Larceny/IA32 and Larceny/ARM can be built from source for these operating systems, and can probably be built from source for similar operating systems.


Older Downloads

Version 0.97 "Funny in the Head" is still available for two platforms that are not supported by version 1.3:


The Sassy assembler is a large component of Larceny/IA32. The Larceny development team is grateful to Jonathan Kraut for developing Sassy and releasing it under the LGPL.

The new ARMv7 code generator was written by Lars T Hansen, who wrote Larceny's original runtime as well as the code generators for Sparc and IA32 processors.