Larceny is a simple and efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language. Created originally as a test vehicle for research on garbage collection and compiler optimizations, Larceny has grown into a major multiplatform system. Larceny supports the four most important standards for Scheme: IEEE/ANSI, R5RS, R6RS, and R7RS. Development of Larceny has been supported by NSF, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft.

Varieties of Larceny

  1. Larceny compiles directly to native machine code for two processor architectures:
    • Intel IA32 (x86, x64)
    • ARMv7
  2. Petit Larceny is a portable implementation that compiles to C instead of machine code.


Larceny v1.3 "Grain Alcohol and Rainwater" is now available for downloading:

  • Larceny for Intel IA32 (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and ARMv7 (Linux)
  • Petit Larceny (prebuilt for Linux with Intel processors; can be built from source for most Unix systems)