Bug Reports

Bug reports may be submitted at Larceny's GitHub site or by email to larceny@ccs.neu.edu.

Lists of all submitted bugs are also available.

Known Bugs in Larceny

Some of the more important bugs that have been discovered in Larceny v0.99 "Goldie" include:

Larceny v0.99 is incompatible with macOS Sierra fixed in development version,
available on download page
compile-stale can report a spurious error not yet fixed
compile-stale runs in R6RS mode and enforces R6RS syntax not yet fixed
Larceny rejects some valid library names not yet fixed
Larceny imposes some R6RS restrictions on R7RS programs not yet fixed
program, primitives should not be reserved words not yet fixed
eval allows assignments to imported primitives not yet fixed
R7RS/R6RS libraries that are defined in the same file with a program that imports them can be invoked more than once not yet fixed
compile-stale-libraries often recompiles files unnecessarily not yet fixed

Bugs fixed in Larceny v0.99

Some of the more important bugs in v0.98 that have been fixed in v0.99 include:

x86 code generator can violate GC invariants fixed in v0.99
x86 code generator generates incorrect code when a lambda expression closes over exactly 31 free variables fixed in v0.99
rare/intermittent segfault on ARM (incorrect save of FP registers) fixed in v0.99
rare/intermittent illegal instruction error on ARM (incomplete flushing of instruction cache) fixed in v0.99
uncaught divide-by-zero exception on ARM fixed in v0.99
cond-expand doesn't work at expression level fixed in v0.99
arbitrary ellipsis feature of R7RS syntax-rules is not yet implemented fixed in v0.99
R7RS syntax-rules doesn't allow ellipsis or underscore as matched literals fixed in v0.99
(srfi 42 eager-comprehensions) works but
(srfi 42) doesn't
fixed in v0.99
SRFI 114 hash functions don't work on empty strings/vectors fixed in v0.99
exit ignores argument fixed in v0.99
cond-expand errors fixed in v0.99
define-values raises exception fixed in v0.99
SRFI-99 immutable record fields are mutable fixed in v0.99
read-line doesn't accept all end-of-line conventions fixed in v0.99
open-file-input/output-port should work when file does not exist fixed in v0.99
bug in string-titlecase fixed in v0.99
bytevector-ref, bytevector-set! not imported by --r7r6 option fixed in v0.99

Enhancements added in Larceny v0.99

Some of the more important improvements added in v0.99 include:

SRFI 113 (sets) now uses SRFI 128 comparators instead of SRFI 114 done in v0.99
Larceny now supports SRFI 117, 121, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134 done in v0.99

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Last updated 23 December 2016.